Meet John Giordano of North Star Excavating, Inc.


Sounds cliché, but every home we build starts with great people – the “right” people. 

We take great pride in the tradespeople and professionals that join us on the job site. Depending on the day, our site superintendents and project managers can have upwards of 75 people working on a single project. To achieve quality, we need true professionals who care about their craft and can work well with others. Our partners on site have been carefully vetted over time for their experience, expertise and most importantly, their character. We would not be who we are without them. For this reason, we feel compelled to use this outlet to tout the talents and sincerely thank the great people within our industry whom we admire and call our partners. As a sign of our respect, KVC will also be making a donation to on behalf of each of them. 

We build a home from the ground up, so aptly, our first thank you is to John Giordano, longtime President of North Star Excavating, Inc.

You can’t build a great home on shaky ground! Excavation & earthwork are the first critical aspects of any construction project. This area also has the highest degree of uncertainty of any trade when we start a project. You need a nimble and trustworthy partner with you. John is always respectful, professional, and undaunted; he and his team overcome all challenges that a site can throw at us.


From our Supervisors: 

“John’s extremely knowledgeable and has worked with KVC Builders on many complex construction sites. He has completed projects with complicated groundwater management systems, foundations with bedrock anchoring systems, heavy ledge removal and intricate utility installations in the public way. Throughout highly technical projects, he works efficiently, professionally, and harmoniously with the other trades involved”.

“John is reliable and stands behind his work. In fact, John rebuilt part of a septic system that wasn’t working properly many years later, even though it was installed according to the design specifications. He is always ready to help”.


As personable as he is talented, John has an easy way of explaining a process and relaying information to the KVC team. He’s a true team player, he’s honest, an excellent operator, and a pleasure to work with. 

All of us at KVC Builders simply want to say thank you for all you’ve helped us with over the years, John. Looking forward to the next opportunity – THANK YOU