Meet Michael Collins of D. Michael Collins Architects


Building and maintaining a team environment is the key to success in our business. Every job starts with the right combination of people. The builder – architect relationship is a critical partnership of building a house. We’ve been fortunate to have forged such a partnership with Michael Collins, who runs his own Natick-based firm, D. Michael Collins Architects. 

This isn’t a “pump his tires” tribute. Mike is plenty busy with work. Always has been, always will be. Rather, the descriptions here are about a talented professional who is an even better man!

Mike is a great architect. He’s talented, super creative, patient, and truly listens to his clients. He has created a range of differently styled homes throughout New England and beyond. He does both small projects and estates. He puts the needs of his clients at the forefront of each project. Mike works patiently through issues or problems that arise. He works with grace and perspective that comes from 30+ years of experience in residential architecture – he’s been there, done that! The best part though, Mike is an even better human being. He has given countless years to charity work and always steps up when the community is in need. Yet you’d never hear him boast or promote himself. He has been an inspiration to so many and a humble, quiet mentor to those smart enough to listen. 

From the KVC Team: 

I was once told that in KVC’s opinion there is a shortlist of really special people in the world: Saints and Mike Collins -in that order. But that was before I had the opportunity to work with Mike. Now that I have, I could argue that the argument could be subtly flawed and that Mike takes top billing. All jokes aside, Mike’s attributes as a partner are abundant. Not only does he have immense design talent, but he also has no ego, he works very hard and wholeheartedly supports the team approach that KVC is built upon. I’ve been lucky to work with him.

Whether he is in a simple design phase meeting, tackling a multi-faceted project issue, or talking about the classic car he restored by hand with his family, Mike’s passion for people and life is tremendous. We like to say that Mike brings a calm presence to a project. He keeps us focused and centered. His perspective on projects is invaluable, and he’s always quick to remind us that life is too short, that there are real problems in the world and we’re just building homes. In short, he helps us laugh at ourselves often!   

As the gift-giving season approaches, I think it is summed up best that Mike has been a gift to us here at KVC for decades. He’s helped us get better and challenged us to be better people. We wouldn’t be where we are today without him.