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Wayne Towle, Master Finishing & Restoration

The Master Finisher - Wayne Towle Say the name Wayne Towle and then wait for it.  It seems that every client, architect, and designer knows Wayne Towle and swoons over his work.  And with good reason. Wayne Towle is a talented Master-Finisher with an extraordinary eye for detail and an exceptional ability to collaborate with the homeowner, design team, and his team of craftsmen to bring life to a dream or a vision. “Wayne Towle and his team are the most talented group of finishers with whom KVC has had the pleasure to work,” said Brian Vona, KVC managing partner. For over 20 years, KVC and Wayne Towle have created a trusted partnership built on mutual respect. KVC’s “go-to” for wood finishes, Wayne is a valued and integral part of the process, coming on-board to assist the design team with finish selection and remaining actively involved through on site execution. He holds himself, his team and his work to the very highest standards and his passion for all things “finish” drives him to take the time to address any issue - even if it’s near the end of a project and the team is short on time - to insure the ultimate outcome. “Wayne is such a great asset - providing us with support, guidance, effort, advice and friendship. His attention to detail makes the end result flawless,” continued Vona.  Here's what KVC Project Managers say about Wayne Towle:  “Depending on the wood species, there are countless variations of color, depth, [...]

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Michael Collins, D. Michael Collins Architects. 

  Meet Michael Collins of D. Michael Collins Architects   Building and maintaining a team environment is the key to success in our business. Every job starts with the right combination of people. The builder - architect relationship is a critical partnership of building a house. We’ve been fortunate to have forged such a partnership with Michael Collins, who runs his own Natick-based firm, D. Michael Collins Architects.  This isn't a “pump his tires” tribute. Mike is plenty busy with work. Always has been, always will be. Rather, the descriptions here are about a talented professional who is an even better man! Mike is a great architect. He’s talented, super creative, patient, and truly listens to his clients. He has created a range of differently styled homes throughout New England and beyond. He does both small projects and estates. He puts the needs of his clients at the forefront of each project. Mike works patiently through issues or problems that arise. He works with grace and perspective that comes from 30+ years of experience in residential architecture - he’s been there, done that! The best part though, Mike is an even better human being. He has given countless years to charity work and always steps up when the community is in need. Yet you’d never hear him boast or promote himself. He has been an inspiration to so many and a humble, quiet mentor to those smart enough to listen.  From the KVC Team:  I was once told that in [...]

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John Giordano, North Star Excavating, Inc.

  Meet John Giordano of North Star Excavating, Inc.   Sounds cliché, but every home we build starts with great people - the “right” people.  We take great pride in the tradespeople and professionals that join us on the job site. Depending on the day, our site superintendents and project managers can have upwards of 75 people working on a single project. To achieve quality, we need true professionals who care about their craft and can work well with others. Our partners on site have been carefully vetted over time for their experience, expertise and most importantly, their character. We would not be who we are without them. For this reason, we feel compelled to use this outlet to tout the talents and sincerely thank the great people within our industry whom we admire and call our partners. As a sign of our respect, KVC will also be making a donation to on behalf of each of them.  We build a home from the ground up, so aptly, our first thank you is to John Giordano, longtime President of North Star Excavating, Inc. You can’t build a great home on shaky ground! Excavation & earthwork are the first critical aspects of any construction project. This area also has the highest degree of uncertainty of any trade when we start a project. You need a nimble and trustworthy partner with you. John is always respectful, professional, and undaunted; he and his team overcome all challenges that a site can throw [...]

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